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We primarily want to help you decorate cake, edefactors, lollipops, maffins, eyelids, sweets and sweet tables with our offer of edible paintings and thumbnails made to your liking and for your needs, inedible textual and printed topers, as well as eyelid wrappers. We work with very high quality edible colors, full color, as well as very high quality cardboard for making topers and wrappers.

We are also ready to help you design edible paintings, topers and eyelid wrappers. On our site Centar9402 edible images, Toperi, Kapkejk wrappers you can see photos of cake of our associates, postmen because we want to help you choose who will make you a cake, and also to show the work of our associates on decorating cake, making gingerbread, lollipops, maffins, biscuits. Their work, effort, talent and will.

We plan to offer a wide range of not only shipping products, but also to give up the little secrets of great decorators and shiptectors.

We want you to enjoy our offer.


By extremely favorable conditions you can choose and order the production:

  • edible pictures for cakes from our offer or send your picture to do it (shape, dimension, photo, image according to your request)
  • edible thumbnails for gingerbread, lollipops, maffins, biscuits from our offer or order your edible thumbnails (shape, dimension, photo, image by your demand)
  • eyelid wrapper with your photos or pictures to your liking or from our offer
  • to washers for cakes and eyelids of various shapes and sizes
  • view photo presentations of our associates, their decorations and works and get contact information about the job director whose work you are interested in

Enjoy! That's what your trznicentar9402.com