Picture of Ram with your photo

Pictures of Ramovi with your photos are pictures for decoration of cute tables at birthdays and celebrations. Due to their specific purpose and method of production, they are classified in this category. These pictures are made by sending us your photo, we process it and place it inside the frame, so that you get a picture with your photo on scrumm. The photos must be of the highest quality, measuring at least 150mm x 150mm and up to 1Mb in size. If photos of more than 1Mb are sent, you must contact us first. The dimensions of such a picture directly depend on the dimension of the image of the frame within which your photo is placed. The prices of pictures are given per sheet. You must also send your photo. If you have questions, or need additional information, feel free to write to us. Production within 24-48h. We're sending it by Postexpress, pay by delivery.

The price in the pictures is a fee for time, effort and consumables used to create your custom image for decorations. We don't sell pictures in digital form. All character images in digital form used in custom design are absolutely free and not subject to sale. We do not claim ownership of the characters or images used in your custom images, they belong to their copyright owners and are distributed only by emasfio dealers. These images are allowed for single personal use according to the sales doctrine. They can't be resold for any reason. Please note that you pay for our services, material (scruy paper, paint, packaging) and time spent designing your image or thumbnail that is allowed for single personal use. These digital images are not a licensed product; all character images are free and not sold. We do not sell or claim ownership of graphic character, graphics, images.

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